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Electronics Scope helps to find the most suitable electronics solutions to meet your R&D requirements.
What's Electronics Scope?
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Finding the right electronic technology solution can be a challenge. What may seem like the obvious choice now, may not be at the time you launch your product or service. The electronics scoping service from Cenric Consulting analyses current and emerging electronic technologies to meet a set of your requirements. 

We specialise in working with entrepreneurs, start-ups and small organisations undertaking research and development (R&D) from all over the world.

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Why Electronics Scope?
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  • Quick turnaround
  • Friendly service
  • Concise report provided in PDF format, outlining:
           - Three suggested electronics solutions (where possible)
           - Overview of advantages and disadvantages of each solution
           - Estimated solution costs
  • Fixed Fee of £2000 + VAT
If requested, we can also provide in-depth technical testing & analysis of chosen technologies and on-going technical support.
"Working with Cade (at Cenric Consulting) was a fantastic experience. From the outset and throughout the project, Cade was enthusiastic, very helpful, explained technical points in plain English, responded to all my e-mails very quickly and took great care and attention to ensure he understood project objectives."
 Donald Stewart, Managing Director of Holiday Cloud Ltd.
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